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Beyond Horizons
Transmitting and Writing New Identities of Minorities and Migrants in and beyond Europe

The Summer School 2018 will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer as an important tool to build up sustainable societies. Special attention will be paid to minorities and migrants. The concepts of cultural transfer as well as the various definitions of ‘minorities’ and ‘migrants’ will be discussed and historically and politically contextualised.

Topics that will be discussed:
• Literary representations of language loss and revitalisation by minority and indigenous writers (Sámi writers)
• The reaction of minority writers from a variety of regions and languages to societal, political and cultural processes
• Migration as a matter of literary form, and literature itself as a migrating and transformative concept
• Notions of diaspora i n relation to their applicability for transnational literary and cultural studies
• A focus on different aspects of transcultural messages
• Transnational approaches to cultural narratives of exile
On the final day of the summer school participants will give a presentation.
Dates: 17 - 22 June 2018
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
Level: (Research) Master, PhD
Participation fee: € 250

Academic coordinators: Dr. Petra Broomans and Dr. J. den Toonder

Joanna - Participant of Beyond Horizons 2017: "The Beyond Horizons summer school was probably the best intellectual event I had during my studies. My advice: Do not hesitate and register for the next year's summer school now."

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Application deadline: 15.5.2018